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Hail to the Chief

Monday, May 19th, 2008

“The nation’s founders originally intended the presidency to be a narrowly restricted institution,” says the Encyclopaedia Britannica about the highest political office in the United States.

Those founders would, to say the least, be surprised if they could see what has happened to the presidency since then.

The office, whose occupant the article goes on to say is “arguably the most powerful elected official in the world,” has undergone significant changes since George Washington took the oath in 1789.  Today, as Americans prepare to elect the country’s 44th chief executive, you can get extensive background on the presidency and its history from Britannica, and, if you have a Web site of your own, provide those same resources to your readers with links to Britannica’s material. 


You can link from your own site to any of these features, or download this widget, with a collection of Britannica articles on the presidency, and post it on your site.  Your visitors will be able to click on the links and access the articles in their entirety.